• Beyond the table, there’s a place where food lives again. A place free of hashtags and filters, or blog posts and updates. Where leftovers flourish and crumbs are reborn. And while not picturesque, it nourishes the city we love so it’s always postcard perfect. It keeps our green spaces beautiful, our soil rich, and neighborhoods smiling.

    It’s the green bin, and we wouldn’t be SF without it.

  • 30%

    30% of compostable waste in
    SF is incorrectly placed
    into the landfill bin.

  • 750

    SF composts close to
    750 tons of food scraps
    & yard trimmings each day.

  • 175K

    With over 175K green bins
    available throughout SF,
    it’s never been easier to compost.



  • Compost all food scraps and spoiled leftovers.

  • Compost all shells from seafood and nuts.

  • Compost all meat bones.

  • Compost oily pizza boxes and paper takeout containers.

  • Compost coffee grounds and the paper filters used for brewing.

  • Always check plastic containers and plastic bags to see if they are labeled compostable.

  • Make sure to compost used paper napkins and paper towels.

  • Always empty moldy food from its container into the green bin.

  • If it was once alive (like plants, animals, or trees) it can go into the green bin.

  • Compost chopsticks, toothpicks, coffee stirrers, and all clean (untreated) wood.


common takeout & delivery*

* be sure to save and eat your leftovers.

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