Green Bin or Blue Bin?

Do you ever have trouble deciding what item should go where? Use these tips to find what is compostable, recyclable or what should go in the black bin.

  • Aluminum Wrapper on Food (such as burritos) – crumple it and put it in the blue bin
  • Paper Cups and Milk Cartons – if clean, but them in the blue bin, if soiled put them in the green bin
  • Plastic Bags (unless clearly labeled Certified Compostable) – reuse them or black bin
  • Pet Waste and Cat Litter – black bin
  • Charcoal Ash – black bin
  • Used Sanitary Products (diapers, tampons, etc.) – black bin
  • Cigarette Butts – black bin
  • Any Plastic Food Container (even if it has food in it) – empty the food into the green bin and recycle the hard plastic container
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